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...every breath is magic

First of all I'd like to dedicate this graphics post to my good friend, cerraazizi…Cerra, if not for you I would never have gotten my hands on CS3 or learnt the basics of using it. Thank you, dear! =) I deeply, humbly appreciate all your efforts in helping me use this intricate s/ware, and for your feedback on the progress of my work <) And to my sis Aya - you, who amidst your demanding work schedule and studies found the time to comment on my icons and advise me off and on *HUG* Your excitement to see my graphics is infectious and humbling <3 And more than a lil' worrying! => This is also for you, sweet!

I've been working on these icons for some time. The bigger graphics are my more recent work.

This post only features two of my favourite characters from Merlin (BBC): Arthur and Morgana. Also my OTP. For some who are long fans of the show, this could prove to be a walk down memory lane as I've included more icons from S1 and S2.

No, I couldn't go without making some icons of Katie - she's perfect ^^

Please go easy on me. I never thought I'd post anything when I first started dabbling early March 2010, so this is all new for me. I consider myself inexperienced. Feel free to tell me what you feel about my work, but please stay constructive.

I'm so anxious right now, I'm a bundle of nerves, yikes…! *wrings fingers*

Here goes nothing: *scrunches eyes tightly*


(01 - 04)

(05 - 08)

(09 - 12)

(13 - 16)

(17 - 20)

(21 - 24)
(25 - 26)

S2 (where I develop a fetish for collars & cloaks...)

(27 - 30)

(31 - 34)

(35 - 38)

(39 - 42)


(43 - 47)


(48 - 51)

(52 - 55)



1) Comment if you wish to take any one of my icons
I appreciate every piece of feedback I receive - I would like to know who is using my icons. Even if you are not interested in taking any icon from any of my batches, I still welcome constructive criticism about the icons I make, especially since I'm still learning how to use CS3.

2) Credit in the 'Userpic Keywords'
I work very hard on every graphic I post up, and would like credit for my trouble. Please credit my username, which is uranus_ge. Crediting also allows others to find my journal if they see you using any one of my icons and wish to find more like it. On the whole, it's simply a nice gesture to credit for anything you take :)

3) Textless icons are not bases
I still haven't learned how to insert text into an icon, but none of my textless icons are bases, nor can you edit them in any way unless you've cleared it by me first.

Thank you, smelltheflowers, for letting me borrow your rules :) You're an inspiration to me!
i could never hurt you // Merlin (BBC)

3 Icons

YAY, I'm free, I'm officially on holiday today, and now...Well now, I finally have the time to post up  I C O N S.

I caught the icon-making flu sometime in March this year and...Well, I made screencaps from a TV show called "Empire" (2005), and I thought of making icons of them. These are just 3 of them...


What do you guys think, mm? Do I have talent? =)

I'm thinking of, ya' know, brushing up on my codes and my Photoshop skills, who knows maybe even use an icon table generator -- post up my icons somewhere.

I made "Merlin" icons, too, but I think I'll hold on to them, for now...Heh.

Yeap, that's Emily Blunt, l&g...!  =)
i could never hurt you // Merlin (BBC)

Season 4, ALIAS (“Nocturne”)

I think what’s special about this episode is that it has ‘horror’ elements in it, especially when Sydney’s (subconscious…?) fears rear their ugly heads.

What puzzled me (a Vadia fan) is that part where Vaughn and Nadia are tasked to work together, by Sloane. Sometime later in a briefing room, Weiss is suddenly in the picture. Why is he there? To act as a go-between between Nadia and Vaughn?

What’s Eric’s task? I’ll tell you. He joins forces with Nadia, and then he passes the info to Vaughn. How are Vaughn and Nadia ever going to build a rapport on the field if they aren’t permitted to liaise?

Why weren’t they allowed to work together on Cahills’ case? Why did Vaughn tag along with Sydney…To act as a buffer between her and Jack? He’s the third wheel on the father-daughter team and that frustrates me to no end, particularly since he’s not even supposed to be there!

I’m at sea as to the cause of this occurrence.

Why raise my hopes and then crush them? *whimpers*
X-MEN// Cyclops


Hey everyone.

I've uploaded screencaps of Scott/Cyclops from the "X-Men 1.5" DVD onto my Photobucket account. You can find it here:


I've got screencaps of Marie/Rogue to my Photobucket account, too:


I've got screencaps of Logan/Wolverine, too:


In the coming weeks, I'll be uploading screencaps of
Ororo/Storm from the same film ("X-Men 1.5").

I've made screencaps from the "X-Men 2" DVD, too. I've got them uploaded on my Photobucket account. So far, I've got screencaps of Rogue and Cyclops there.

Please go ahead and browse through the screencaps, drop me a word about them, if you'd like. If you wish to use them for graphics, please credit me in your list of resources.

Thank you =) Enjoy!
i could never hurt you // Merlin (BBC)

(no subject)

I LOVE “Mirage” (S4). It’s my favourite in the whole series, better in fact than the 2-hour premiere.

Oh how Jack does love to reduce me to tears. This episode drove the point home that Sydney’s relationship with her father is truly special. I think Sydney realized again how important her father is to her, no matter what he’s done in the past, or how many secrets he keeps from her.

After seeing “In Dreams”, I understand how Sloane could survive Nadia’s death.

He had already chosen Rambaldi over her, yes, but it was because of Emily and Jacquelyn that he made that choice in the first place. He allowed Rambaldi’s ideology into his life because he wanted to fill the void he had in his heart, after Jacquelyn’s death.

But the way he said “No” to Nadia’s face and stepped away from her towards Emily and Jacquelyn, it reminded me of how her ghost walked out on Sloane in the series finale.

i could never hurt you // Merlin (BBC)

(no subject)

I just saw the last episode of “Jericho”: “Patriots And Tyrants”. What a ride!

What a journey…

I’ll sorely miss this TV series. I wish there were more shows like “Jericho”.

Stirring performances, sharp storytelling and they even gave me closure even though “Jericho” has already been put in the ground.
i could never hurt you // Merlin (BBC)

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When I watched “Ice” (Episode 4, Season 4 of “Alias”), and saw that touching scene between Jack Bristow and Nadia, I cried. And I haven’t cried watching “Alias” in awhile, let me tell ya’. I also don’t care much for Season 4, but that’s another story.

Sometimes Jack can say the loveliest, most stirring things, and this was one of those moments when he melted my heart. He proved to Nadia that he isn’t so “cold”, which was one of the young woman’s initial deductions of Sydney’s father’s disposition. For the first time, I wished that Nadia had been Jack’s daughter, just like how Sydney is. Perhaps—No, no, he will have kept Nadia safe, alive. She would have survived Rambaldi and Sloane. Like how Sydney did.

Jack would’ve made a perfect guardian for Nadia, and trust me she could’ve used one, seeing as how dangerous the world of “Alias” is.

In my mind’s eye, as I was listening to their conversation, I could’ve imagined that Nadia was Jack’s daughter, and that she reached out for a hug, with a weak “Dad…”, tears in her eyes. Nadia is starved for affection so, for me, the image conjured didn’t require a far stretch of my imagination.

Sadly, Nadia is the embodiment of one of Irina’s greatest betrayals of Jack, which just about shattered my fantasy into a million pieces. Jack can’t bring himself to love this broken, hurt woman-child because of what she represents…and I can hardly blame him, seeing as how he still seems to be fond of Irina. How that’s possible is beyond me, but, then again, I’m not an earnest Jack/Irina shipper, although I have no problem with the ship.

Which brings me to my second “Alias” OTP: Vaughn/Nadia.

Vaughn’s my second ‘guardian’ candidate for Nadia. Nadia is a legacy of Bill Vaughn’s work as an agent, so I believe it’s only fitting that Vaughn continue his late father’s efforts. Unromantic, I know, but I haven’t come to the soppy part, yet.

Maybe next time *nods sagely*