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Season 4, ALIAS (“Nocturne”)
i could never hurt you // Merlin (BBC)
I think what’s special about this episode is that it has ‘horror’ elements in it, especially when Sydney’s (subconscious…?) fears rear their ugly heads.

What puzzled me (a Vadia fan) is that part where Vaughn and Nadia are tasked to work together, by Sloane. Sometime later in a briefing room, Weiss is suddenly in the picture. Why is he there? To act as a go-between between Nadia and Vaughn?

What’s Eric’s task? I’ll tell you. He joins forces with Nadia, and then he passes the info to Vaughn. How are Vaughn and Nadia ever going to build a rapport on the field if they aren’t permitted to liaise?

Why weren’t they allowed to work together on Cahills’ case? Why did Vaughn tag along with Sydney…To act as a buffer between her and Jack? He’s the third wheel on the father-daughter team and that frustrates me to no end, particularly since he’s not even supposed to be there!

I’m at sea as to the cause of this occurrence.

Why raise my hopes and then crush them? *whimpers*


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